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The 31st Annual Kyokushin American International Championships

The 31st American International Karate Championships were held in Holley, New York, on Saturday, November 11th, 2023.

This renowned event was hosted by Shihan Michael Monaco (8th dan) and supported by the USA-IFK Kyokushin organization. Held annually, the AIKC attracts competitors from around the United States, Canada, and other countries. This year’s tournament saw over 250 competitors from over 35 dojos in the USA and Canada competing in kata, weapons, semi-contact (knockdown rules with equipment), and full knockdown.

Competitors from all styles and organizations were welcomed. This year, an IFK-centric Black Belt Kata division was added, which was a tournament highlight. More than 750 spectators were on hand for the exciting day. Shihan Monaco and Sensei Karl Biedlingmaier (the tournament director) wish to thank the many martial arts schools and organizations supporting the American International Karate Championships every year.

Next for USA-IFK Kyokushin is the 5th Annual United States International Kyokushin Championships (Battle on the Boardwalk), which will be held on Saturday, January 27th, 2024, at the Tropicana Hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA. Online registration for Kata, Weapons Kata, Semi-Knockdown, and Full Knockdown (Open Weight Divisions) is now open. Please visit for registration, hotel, and details.


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