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The 10th All-Ukrainian tournament in memory of Shihan Vitaliy Kushnirik

The 10th All-Ukrainian tournament in memory of Shihan Vitaliy Kushnirik

among children, youths, juniors, adults in the “Kumite” Tournament will be held the city of Ternopil (Ukraine) on December 21-22, 2018.

Shihan Vitaliy Kushnirik

Organizers: Sensei Tatyana Chubata (3th dan, Ternopyl), Ternopil Regional Kyokushin-Kan Karate-Do Federation

Location: Ternopil, 32 Belogorskaya Street (SC “Polytechnic”). The tournament is open to all versions of kyokushin karate.

Boys, Men
6-7 yr  : -20kg, 20-25kg, 25-30kg, +30kg
8-9 yr  : -25 kg  , 25-30kg 30-35kg, +35kg
10-11 yr  : -30kg, 30-35kg, 35-40kg, +40kg
12-13 yr  : -35kg  , 35-40kg, 40-45kg, 45-50kg, +50kg
14-15 yr  : -45kg, 45-50kg, 50-55kg, 55-60kg, +60kg
16-17 yr  : -55kg, 55-60kg, 60-65kg, 65-70kg, +70kg
18-35 yr  : -60kg, -65kg, -70kg, -75kg, -80kg, -85kg, -90kg, +90kg

Girls, Women:
6-7 yr: -25kg, +25kg
8-9 yr: -30kg, 30-35kg, +35kg
10-11 yr: -35kg, 35-40kg, +40kg
12-13 yr: -40kg, 40-45kg, +45kg
14-15 yr: -50kg, 50 -55kg, +55kg
16-17 yr: -50kg, 50-55kg, 55-60kg, +60kg
18-35 yr: -50kg, -55kg, -60kg, -65kg, -70kg, +70kg

Preliminary applications for participation are accepted until December 10, 2018:

Adjustments to preliminary applications are accepted until December 16, 2018.

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