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Some of the CRAZIEST moments in K-1

Karate, Boxing, MuayThai, Kickboxing… After all, which of these would be the best and most efficient style?

It was precisely this unknown that motivated Kazuyoshi Ishii, to idealize and produce the event that, over the years, would become the biggest and most important standing fight tournament in the history of combat sports.

On April 30, 1993, in the heart of Tokyo, the first edition of K-1 took place. Kazuyoshi was a Japanese visionary, a practitioner of Kyokushin Karate, who would later create his own style, Seidokaikan Karate. In order to test the effectiveness of his art, he put some of his athletes to test themselves against experts from other disciplines. The event’s success was immediate, and it ushered in an era that provided unforgettable fights, stories, and rivalries.

Today we will take a nostalgic trip to the cream of Kickboxing of the 90s. We will remember 5 of the most memorable moments in the history of K-1.

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