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Kyokushin WORLD FederationJuly 8th, 2017, on the last day of the 50th,

jubilee International Summer Camp in Papendal, Holland, Shihan Loek Hollander received 10th Dan

Shihan Loek Hollander

On behalf of Board of Kyokushin World Federation – KWF and all students, Shihan Antonio Pinero had this great honor to hand to Shihan Loek Hollander 10th Dan Certificate along with Black Belt with ten golden strips.

Shihan Loek Hollander dedicated all his life to build up strong Kyokushin in Europe as well as all over the world. As the right hand of Sosai Masutatsu Oyama (especially in International Affairs) he was the member of International Committee of IKO for 50 years and he was responsible for creation of European Kyokushin Organization and supervised development of African Kyokushin.
Shihan Loek Hollander always played exceptionally important role in all IKO World Championships and international camps on all continents. He created unique European style of Kyokushin training. He put a lot of efforts to spread Kyokushin especially in Eastern European countries, he was leading Eastern European Kyokushin Summer Camps in Krakow, Poland for more than ten times as well as numerous times in other Eastern European countries.
Nobody in the world more than Shihan L. Hollander deserves to get this extraordinary recognition.

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