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Shihan Emmanuel Ruarte Leads Intense Martial Arts Weekend in Sucre, Bolivia

This past weekend, martial arts enthusiasts in Sucre, Bolivia, had the honor of hosting Shihan Emmanuel Ruarte, Director for South America, in an exciting event from October 20th to 22nd.

Shihan Ruarte, a respected martial arts expert and a prominent member of the Kyokushin and Senshi Kickboxing communities, brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to this unforgettable event.

The weekend program featured impactful activities that kept participants engaged and motivated. The highlights of the event included:

Kyokushin Karate and Senshi Kickboxing Course: Shihan Ruarte shared his vast knowledge in these two martial arts disciplines with attendees. Participants had the opportunity to learn advanced techniques and hone their skills in an inspiring learning environment.

Senshi Kickboxing General Class: Kickboxing enthusiasts experienced an exciting masterclass led by Shihan Ruarte. This session was informative and a physical challenge that allowed participants to improve their endurance and technique.

Examinations for International Kyokushin Karate Dan Aspirants and Senshi Kickboxing Kyu Aspirants: As part of his commitment to martial arts growth and excellence, Shihan Ruarte examined those aspiring to achieve new levels of skill in Kyokushin Karate and Senshi Kickboxing. Aspirants showcased their skills and dedication before a panel of expert judges.

This event drew participants from all over Sucre and beyond who were impressed by Shihan Ruarte’s dedication and passion for martial arts. In addition to the activities on the mat, attendees could interact with Shihan Ruarte, ask questions, and receive valuable advice.

The event resulted in a palpable increase in excitement and inspiration among martial arts lovers in Sucre. Shihan Emmanuel Ruarte left a lasting impression on the local martial arts community, inspiring participants to continue their journey toward excellence in these dynamic disciplines.

The event organizers thanked Shihan Ruarte for sharing his knowledge and expertise in this thrilling martial arts weekend. This event will surely serve as a milestone in the history of martial arts in Sucre, Bolivia, and will leave a lasting mark on all those who participated.


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