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Shihan Antonio Pinero Camp Sydney, Australia, 2016

Set under the magical blue skies of Sydney, Australia,

was one of the most inspirational seminars yet to be performed on our shores.

Shihan Antonio Pinero, the KWF Chairman come far across the seas to share his profound knowledge and charisma with the Australian Kyokushin Federation the Australian leg of the Kyokushin World Federation for the third year in a row at the invitation of our Australian leader, Sensei Daniel Trifu, the KWF Country representative.

Being so many miles away from the core of our organization can be challenging if not for the input of our leaders.Members from over 800klms away were ready to sweat it out over the weekend set aside for Kihon, Kata and Kumite training with great budo spirit.

In the true spirit of Kyokushin various Kyokushin organizations came to gain a Kyokushin Budo Boost from Shihan Pinero. For some of them it was to be a valuable preparation for their entrance into Shodan and beyond. Saturday morning was spent outside, we trained in front of the most Iconic Australian landmarks, the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbor Bridge. The buildings was as a backdrop for some hardcore Ido Geiko and Kihon training, to gain the most effective accountability of personal technique.

Having such great weather and a perfect location it was an obvious choice to do our presentations for our new Shodan’s and also to welcome our newest member to the Australian Kyokushin Federation Senpai Moneita Sharpe.Saturday afternoon we focused on Ido Geiko and stances with their practical applications.

Shihan Pinero has an impressive and unique ability of breaking everything down into easily digestible pieces. So that all can understand, the least experienced karateka, right up to our highest belts gained inspirational and practical knowledge shared.  Everyone took home more knowledge higher quality technique and left feeling highly inspired. Precisely what we all need from time to time.

Sunday after a warm up session we continued with some highly effective Kumite drills sharing valuable experiences with new training partners. Then took ourselves outside one last time and trekked to a beach where we were again taken through our paces creating – a competitive spirit kicking the sand with great enthusiasm along the waters edge. Shihan challenged us with some hardcore exercises requiring far greater skill and determination on the uneven beach surface.

Following a quick lunch break there was a thorough and very educational training session on dissecting kata. Nearing the end of the day Shihan Pinero discussed with the higher belts the future of Kyokushin World Federation and the impact that we can all have on the future strength of Kyokushin overall.

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