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SENSHI 5 Live Streaming

On SENSHI 5 we will see 9 fights in a total of 4 styles – KWU SENSHI, KWU Full contact, WAKO PRO K-1 and WAKO PRO Low kick between martial artists from a total of 11 countries. Six of the clashes will be under the new rules of the KWU International Professional League – KWU SENSHI and KWU Full contact.

  1. KWU Full contact – 55 kg – Anna Izdebska (Ukraine) vs. Albena Sitnilska (Bulgaria)
  2. KWU SENSHI – 70 kg – Volodymyr Serheiev (Ukraine) vs. Petar Stoykov (Bulgaria) 
  3. KWU SENSHI – 80 kg – Majid Hashem Beigi (Iran) vs. Nikolay Yorgov (Bulgaria)
  4. KWU Full contact – 95 kg – Masaki Fuji (Japan) vs. Vitalii Ishakhneli (Russia) 
  5. KWU Full contact – 80 kg – Ljubo Jalovi (Serbia)  vs. Hristiyan Korunchev (Bulgaria)
  6. KWU SENSHI – 65 kg – Artur Arushanyan (Armenia) vs. Alisher Karmenov (Kazakhstan)
  7. WAKO PRO – World Title, Low Kick, Cat. up to 85.1 kg – Abderrahim Chafay (France) vs. Andrei Chekhonin (Russia) 
  8. WAKO PRO – World Title, K-1, Cat. up to 71.8 kg – Adolfo Barao (Portugal) vs Atanas Bozhilov (Bulgaria) 
  9. WAKO PRO – European Title (Vacant), K-1, Cat. up to 75 kg – Maikel Astur (Estonia) vs. Bogdan Shumarov (Bulgaria) 

In the first style – KWU SENSHI, all boxing hits are allowed; spinning back fist; all kicks; one knee hit to the head after grasping with two hands; clinch up to 5 seconds; cuts; grip and kick; elbow strikes; throws. With KWU Full Contact, all of the above techniques are permitted, without elbow strikes and throws.

You can watch

the fight night live and free on and FITE.TV

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