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Russian Cup and All Russian competitions – kumite and kata

October 29, 2016 in the city of Kirov, Russia

held Russian Cup and Russian competitions kyokushin (disciplines – kumite and kata).

From Moscow Federation of Kyokushin in the judges brigades of the competition attended Fomin V., Altunin S., Osokin S., Hrebin. D., Khimichenko A. and Novikova I.

Russian Cup

Results for Moscow Federation of Kyokushin: 

Russian Cup 
1st place – Khimichenko Andrew (coach – V. Fomin)
2nd place – Kazantseva Anna (coach – V. Fomin)
3rd place – Krokhin Alex (trainer – V. Fomin)

Russian Cup (Team Kata)
2nd place – Krokhinov Maxim, Krokhinov Alexey , Siranchiev Konstantin (coach – V. Fomin)
3rd place – Volkova Svetlana , Kazantsev Anna, Minigaleeva Rosalina (coach – V. Fomin)

The festival program “Kata with weapons”
1st place – Siranchiev Konstantine (coach – V. Fomin)
2nd place – Krokhinov Maxim (coach – V. Fomin)

All-Russia competitions
12-13 year old girls
3rd place – Bagautdinova Alexandra (coach – Siranchiev KA)

14-15 years old boys
1st place – Baldin Andrey (coach – Shepelev AS)

14-15 years kata team
3rd place – Grachev Yegor, Chumakov Anton, Andrianova Darya (coach – Antolept EB)

16-17 years old juniors
1st place – Sheremetyeva P. M. (Coach – Nesterov AN, Fomin VP)
2nd place – Izrantseva Victoria (coach – Siranchiev KA)

Championship Kirov city
Category “Boys 9 years”
3rd place – Sedov Artem  (coach – Antolept EB)

Category “8-9 years kata team”
2nd place – Tarasov Artyom , Korchagin Alexey, Azarov Mikhail (coach – Antolept EB)

Category “boys 10 years”
1st place – Rusin Alexander (coach – Siranchiev KA)

Congratulations to all karatekas and their coaches with an excellent results!
Special thanks, Moscow Federation of Kyokushin expresses to Siranchievu KA for co-sponsoring

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