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Results of Scottish Open 2016

On picture are participants from British Kyokushin Karate – part of all winners from Scottish Open 2016

Ladies Open Lightweight
1st: Sanne Larsson / Sweden WKO
2nd: Anne Marie Jardine / BKK Cardiff
3rd: Zoe Leigh-Moulden /BKK Mountain Ash

Mens Open Lightweight
1st: Spencer Bennett / BKK Samurai
2nd: Chhai Chhim / IKK Kent Warriors
3rd: Dmitry Ivanov / Kyokushinkan Edinburgh

Mens Open Middleweight
1st: Dawid Ozga / BKK Crawley
2nd: Luke Baldwin / BKK Mountain Ash
3rd Blake Collins / BKK Crawley

Mens Open Heavyweight
1st: Dave King / IFK Ireland
2nd: Arkadiusz Ostręga / Poland WKO
3rd: Stian Jakobsen / Norway WKO

Novice Ladies Lightweight
1st: Mithra Amilthalingham / Norway WKO
2nd: Tracey Armstrong / IKKU Sutton
3rd: Dawn Taylor / IKKU Herne

Novice Ladies Heavyweight
1st: Allanah Arthur / IFK Ireland
2nd: Rodica Parvu / BKK Bridgend
3rd: Louisa Young / BKK Bridgend

Novice Mens Lightweight
1st: Conran Pearce / BKK Verwood
2nd: Steven Taylor / Independent
3rd: Ming Kit Wong / Norway WKO

Novice Mens Middleweight
1st; Gawel Skowron / IKKU Sutton
2nd; Dafydd Duprey /  BKK Ynysowen
3rd; Andy Raisen / BKK Loughborough

Novice Mens Heavyweight
1st: Frederik Gade / Viborg Karate Denmark
2nd: Simon Williams / BKK Bridgend
3rd: Lee Walker / Tei Martial Arts

cadet fights

  1. Sathmi Fernando / So Kyokushin UK
  2. Chloé Macdonald / IKKU Lochgilphead
  1. Olivia Pickthall / BKK Crawley
  2. Aoife O’Grady Cocoran /  IFK Ireland
  1. Benny Petch /   IKKU Kyokujitsu
  2. Brad Freestone / IKKU Herne

1: Phil Cook /BKK Loughborough
2: Phil Jones /  IKKU Kyokujitsu
3: John Heath / MOKKO Seven Sisters

Most Spirited Fighter award : Alan Goodwin of Cowdenbeath Sport Karate.

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