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Results of the Championship of Russia, Kemerovo 2018

Here are Results of the biggest Russian championship in weight categories

Women up to 60 kg
1. Shemina Ekaterina
2. Zelenin Valeria
3. Efremova Anna

Women over 60 kg
1. Golovanova Kristina
2. Kolesnikova Valeria
3. Perminova Elizabetha

Men up to 70 kg
1. Tumashev Ivan
2. Rodichkin Dmitry
3. Krymov Arthur

Men under 80 kg
1. Nazaretyan Artem
2. Mezhevtsov Stanislav
3. Drozd Aleksandr

Men up to 90 kg
1. Borisov Andrey
2. Lyalikov Artem
3. Fedorov Konstantin

Men over 90 kg
1. Ishakhneli Vitaly
2. Karshigeev Alexander
3. Maslenikov Nikolay


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