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Provisions KWUCAMP and KWU World Youth Cup 2020

The XIV KWU International Camp in Kamchia (Bulgaria) will be held August 16-23, 2020

Organizers: KWU and BKKF
Goals and objectives:

KWU International Summer Camp is held according to the calendar plan of the Bulgarian Karate Kyokushin Federation with the purpose of:

  • strengthening the friendship between members of international organizations;
  • enhancing the level of mastery of participants (participants must be of 16 y.o. and older with the qualification of 6 kyu and higher);
  • enhancing the level of coaches;
  • conducting kyu and dan tests with the assignment of new style qualification ranks to athletes

Date and venue
August 16-23, 2020.
16 August – arrival of teams  
17 August – judging seminar
17, 18, 19, 20, 21 August – training days
18 August – KWU World Youth Cup (18-21 y.o.)
21 August – „SENSHI”
22 August – exams for kyu/dan
23 August – departure of teams

The venue of the International Summer Camp: Kamchia, 34 km to the South of Varna.

The organizers reserve the right to change the schedule of the camp, taking into account the actual number of participants.


Shihan Marin Mitev – 6 dan
Shihan Ivo Kamenov – 6 dan
Shihan Asen Asenov – 6 dan
Shihan Ramil Gabbasov – 5 dan
Sensei Zahari Damyanov – 4 dan
Sensei Petar Martinov – 4 dan

Instructors of KWU Professional League:

Shihan Alexandr Pichkunov – 5 dan
Shihan Marin Mitev – 6 dan
Shihan Ivo Kamenov – 6 dan


Please Note:

NECESSARY DOCUMENTS for KWU World Youth Cup 2020 participants:

  1. Pre-competition medical examination; HIV, HBV и HCV test certificate, COVID 19 test;
  2. Budo passport ;
  3. Copy of the insurance policy + list of insured persons;

Obligatory protection: white dogi and belt, corresponding with the fighter’s qualification,
– individual groin cup (for men – obligatory, for women – optional);
– protectors for shin – obligatory;
– hand pads – obligatory;
– chest protector that meets the set requirements – obligatory for women;
– mouthguard of white color – optional. For those who have brackets on teeth, the mouthguard is obligatory

Competitors must wear clean dogi, have a tidy appearance, cut nails, no jewelry, and makeup are allowed!

Mandatory judge uniform –  dogi

Contact details:

+359 88 9907857 Alexandra Marinova – English language

+359 88 5775059 Prolet Vasileva – Russian language


Please send application forms to the Organizing Committee by email –

Application deadline – 01.08.2020

Please download the documents:

Schedule of the camp, Application from Coach, Application for KWU World Cup participation, and one very important document:

Rules for keeping the Discipline and Ensuring Security during the KWUCAMP 2020



KWU World Cup 2023 YouTube playlist│4-5.07.2023

KWU SENSHI EURO 2021 YouTube playlist

SENSHI 19 YouTube playlist │ 25.11.2023

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