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NKKO had its annual teacher seminar at Papendal

Last weekend the NKKO had its annual teacher seminar at Papendal. Everything had to be corona-proof: 30 meters and no contact in groups of up to 30 people. All gyms were represented and we were able to train with each other in any case.

On Saturday the teachers trained for over 3 hours. We had two themes. The first theme was the uniformity of teaching in the 5 Pinan kata. The second theme was how do you keep the lessons appealing to your students during these difficult times. During this part, it emerged that despite corona restrictions it is possible to teach varied and attractive by setting a clear goal during training sessions and always fighting a link with fighting.

In the evening was the semi-annual gym holders meeting. The new statutes for the NKKO were approved during this meeting. This is an important step for the NKKO towards further professionalization of NKKO and assurance of the quality of teachers and gyms. The next step is to make the other regulations up to date. We also approved a new logo for the NKKO and finally set a kata competition selection under the guidance of two trainer coaches.

Sunday morning the selection trained outside and then central training started. Two classes for two groups of 30 karatekas who received kata and kihon lessons. The theme was the connection between kihon, kata, and kumite.

All in all, we did a good weekend and had a great time training together. The passion for the Kyokushin was in the air and despite the fact that we don’t make kiai for a while, the right spirit was present with everyone.

Let’s hope next year we can safely train Kyokushin again.

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