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Nederlandse Karate Kyokushin Organistatie report about the 30th EC 2016

Nederlandse Karate Kyokushin Organistatie Facebook page shared:

From 25 to 27 November, the European Open Kyokushin Championships were held at the National Sports Centre Papendal in Arnhem. The Dutch Kyokushin Karate Organization was responsible for the organization on behalf of the EKF. There were more than 400 participants from over 25 countries, including a large team from Japan, Costa Rica and the United States for the titles in kata and kumite.

Nederlandse Kyokushin


The largest sportshall at Papendal was transformed into a true dojo with four tatami’s on which was fought by the best Kyokushin fighters of the world. On Friday the kata tournament and the youth tournament took place. The Dutch youth managed to keep just fine standing between the Japanese, Russians and Polish fighters who are known as the best fighters in the world.


On the second in the morning the senior fighters started with the preliminaries until the semifinals. After a spectacular demonstration of the taikogroup Tátake from Belgium, spotlights went on and the finals started. The audience was treated to 10 spectacular fights which rapidly succeeded each other.

Ultimately, the Dutch team performed exceptionally, with 5 European champions, Vijay Nanhoe, Ruby Goedhart, Mustafa Oczimen, Denzel Badnison and Davy Brand, five second places and ten third we have won 20 prizes. We have performed as the third best country after Poland and Japan during this championship.
It’s a long time since a Kyokushin tournament with so many participants and was held as a high level in the Netherlands. This Championship is the the beginning of a year that is dominated by more than 50 years of Kyokushin in the Netherlands, led by Shihan Loek Hollander. The highlight will be the 50th summer camp in July 2017, which is traditionally held at Papendal.


The Dutch fighters showed that they belong to the best fighters in Kyokushin and this promises a lot of beautiful things in future tournaments such as the KWF world cup and the KWU World Championships in Tokyo in 2017.

We were proud to host all 400 participants, 100 officials and coaches and like to thank you for your efforts. We look forward to the next Kyokushin championship in the Netherlands.



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