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Nakamura dojo will take part in the KWU Japanese qualifying tournament

Nakamura dojo will take part in the Japanese qualifying tournament for the 3rd KWU World Championship 2017

Such a mighty person as Makoto Nakamura never gives up. He proved this by many victories on tatami. His life has changed, but it did not end.

New organization ‘Kyokushin Kaikan Nakamura Dojo’ had recently been formed, after Nakamura Makoto, the former branch chief of IKO has left it.

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The legendary winner of the 2nd and the 3rd absolute Kyokushin World Championships, Nakamura Makoto officially has started his cooperation with Kyokushin-kan International.

The previous Sunday, on 12 February 2017, the delegation, headed by Kancho Royama took part in the 11th Cup of Banshu Himeji, which, according to the tradition, was held by Nakamura’s organization. About 500 fighters participated in this tournament.

For their part, the fighters of ‘Kyokushin Kaikan Nakamura Dojo’ will take part in the Kyokushin-kan Japanese Championship, as well as in Japanese KWU qualifying championship, the results of which will form the national team, which will represent Japan at the 3rd KWU World Championship among men and women.

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