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Masters Of Kyokushin 2023 Results in pictures

The sixth edition of the ‘Masters of Kyokushin’ organized by Kyokushin Karate IJlst was a huge success. Last Saturday, competitors from both national and international levels gathered at De Utherne sports hall to compete for the 2023 title ‘Masters of Kyokushin’. It was an evening filled with thrilling spectacle and excitement.

Tarik Keric, Kihon (1) vs Wasili Prattis, Tamashimoto

Anastasia Litvinenko, Draw Dojo vs Irene Rosier, Kyoukushin Karate IJlst (1)

Stiliyan Petkov, SC Nihonto vs Behzad Khezri, Dojo Munster (1)

Mischa Kruze, Hokori Meijo vs Joanne Schaap, Osaka (1)

Leroy Verschuren, Musashi vs Aron Klaasse, Omega Sport (1)

Roberto van de Sand, Budokai Tilburg vs Maikel Ouwens Kihon (1)

Cheyenne Doctor, Iryoku (1) vs Cariene van der Spek, Katsu


David de Lange, Budokai Tilburg vs Jelle van Ee, Iryoku (1)

Behzad Khezri, Dojo Munster (1) vs Giovanni Bozuwa, Kihon

Ernst Weistra, Kyokushin Karate IJlst vs Aron Klaase, Omega Sport (1)

Chet Cain Bolhuis, Flex Fight Club Emmen vs Phileas Mongambo, Dojo Munster (1)

Senna Mulder, Dojo Hokori Meijo vs Rostislav Todorov, TIM Varna (1)

Milaniia Melkonian, Tekken Dojo vs Ezra Mailoa, Musashi (1)

Alex Fijlstra, Kyokushin Karate IJlst (1) vs Ryan Jansen, Gouken Dojo

Jean-Denis Kassese Abienda, Soussi Dojo vs Andrew Rusov, Fight Game Academy (1)

 Melissa Schild, Kihon (1) vs Naomi Verhagen, Musashi

 Luc de Beer, Budokai TIlburg vs Sakvan Arab, Fight Game Academy (1)

Mitchell de Bont, Musashi vs Viktor Kolev, Kyokushin (1)

Bogdan Curiman, Man Dojo Sport (1) vs Daniel Wähling, Tekken Dojo

Pictures by Miroslava Kalikova

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SENSHI 15 YouTube playlist │ 18.02.2023

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