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Madagascar Kyokushin Honbu and KWF Madagascar Celebrate Success of First National Stage

Madagascar Kyokushin Honbu (MKH) and KWF Madagascar recently marked a momentous occasion with the successful completion of the First National Stage of Kyokushin in Madagascar. This event would not have been possible without the support and participation of numerous individuals and organizations, and MKH would like to extend its sincere gratitude to all those who made it a memorable success.

Special recognition goes to the Pierre Grondin Dojo of La Reunion for their Heart Kimonos Collection, a testament to the spirit of camaraderie and unity within the Kyokushin community. Sebastien Boulerand Sensei played a pivotal role in leading the National Stage in Madagascar. As a Technician of the Pierre Grondin Dojo and the KWF France League, as well as WUKF in Reunion, his expertise and guidance were invaluable.

The Rotary Club Antananarivo Doyens and Rotary Club La Reunion deserve a heartfelt thank you for their support, highlighting the broader community’s involvement in promoting martial arts and physical well-being. The President of the FKM Madagascar, the President of MOKKO, and Club Founder Rinah Rakotobe Sensei, along with their respective clubs and members, contributed significantly to the success of the event.

A warm appreciation is extended to the representatives of various International Kyokushin Organizations in Madagascar, showcasing the global reach and collaboration within the martial arts community. The Organizing Committee, led by Sensei Manankasina Njiva Ratahirintsoa, the Representative of KWF Madagascar, demonstrated exemplary dedication and leadership.

Additional gratitude goes to Aska Dojo, the members of the offices of The National Association Madagascar Kyokushin Honbu (MKH), Club TEKADO, the parents of the students, and all Kyokushin participants and friends. The event’s success was further amplified by the presence and active participation of other clubs, demonstrating the unity and shared passion for Kyokushin.

In the spirit of martial arts etiquette, MKH and KWF Madagascar express their deep appreciation with a humble “OSU” to all who contributed to the success of the First National Stage of Kyokushin in Madagascar. This event not only celebrated the art of Kyokushin but also reinforced the sense of community, discipline, and respect that are integral to the martial arts philosophy. Here’s to many more successful stages in the future!

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