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Kyokushin Championship “Siberian Masters” – results

September 24-25, 2016 in Tomsk, Russia was held a traditional “Siberian Masters” tournament

Kyokushin Championship “Siberian Masters” with prize fund of 95,000 rubles per all weight categories for men and 15,000 rubles for women divisions.

The prize fund for men:
1st place – 50,000 rubles.
2nd place – 30,000 rubles.
3rd place – 15,000 rubles.

The prize fund for women:
1st place – 10,000 rubles.
2nd place – 5,000 rubles.


-70 kg:
1st place: Kasumov Farid  (Kemerovo region)
2nd place: Sergey Chmunevich (Kemerovo region)
3rd place: Kamenov Alisher (Kazakhstan)

-80 kg
1st place: Fefelov Pavel (Novosibirsk region)
2nd place: Gerasimov Sergey (Tomsk region)
3rd place: Suborov Ilya (Tomsk region)

+80 kg:
1st place: Lyalikov Artem (Tomsk region)
2nd place Rafikov Alexander (Kemerovo region)
3rd place: Glushchenko Victor (Novosibirsk region)

-60 kg
1st place: Berezova Svetlana (Kemerovo region)
2nd place: Kuznetsova Anna (Kemerovo region)
3rd place: Muratova Ayaulym (Kazakhstan)

Special prizes:
“Will to Win” – 5,000 rubles – winner – Suborov Ivan
“The best technique” – 5,000 rubles – winner – Kasumov Farid
“The fastest fight” – 5,000 rubles – winner – Artem Lyalikov
“Best Judge” – 5,000 rubles- winner – Arsen Khachatryan

Kyokushin Championship

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