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KWUCHAMP 2017: Who is on Finals

9 Russians will fight for Gold medals, 2 Bulgarians – Komanovi Brothers are on finals!

One Iranian in Men +95Kg and one Greece fighter in Woman +70Kg are surprises on the tournament! We have also 4 Lithuanians and by 2 fighters from Japan, Poland and Ukraine. Kazakhstan, Canada and United Kingdom also has representatives in finals on the 3rd KWU World championship 2017. We wish good luck to all! Ganbatte kudasai!

ONLINE broadcasting and ONLINE results HERE

Here are the names of all finalists:

Kumite Women -50Kg
Teona Gazdeliani (Spain)
Honami Ito (Japan)

Kumite Women -55Kg
Diana Maciute (Lithuania)
Anna Izdebska (Ukraine)

Kumite Women -60Kg
Inga Mikstaite (Lithuania)
Emma Markwell (United Kingdom)

Kumite Women -65Kg
Anjelika Sabaeva (Russia)
Gabija Gudeliauskaite (Lithuania)

Kumite Women -70Kg
Julie Lamarre (Canada)
Agata Winiarska (Poland)

Kumite Women +70Kg
Maria Papadopoulou (Greece)
Aleksandra Karpuk (Poland)

Kumite Men -60Kg
Artur Arushanyan (Armenia)
Farid Kasumov (Russia)

Kumite Men -65Kg
Ivan Tumashev (Russia)
Dmitriy Moisseyev (Kazakhstan)

Kumite Men -70Kg
Ivan Komanov (Bulgaria)
Sergei Chmunevich (Russia)

Kumite Men -75Kg
Victor Belyaev (Russia)
Masazumi Nakayama (Japan)

Kumite Men -80Kg
Jonas Rosin (Sweden)
Stanislav Mezhevtsov (Russia)

Kumite Men -85Kg
Vladimir Artyushin (Kazakhstan)
Alexandr Drozd (Russia)

Kumite Men -90Kg
Aleksandar Komanov (Bulgaria)
Kestutis Radvila (Lithuania)

Kumite Men -95Kg
Edgard Secinski (Lithuania)
Konstantin Fedorov (Russia)

Kumite Men +95Kg
Vasily Samadurov (Russia)
Mahdi Hosseinpourdizaj (Iran)


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