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KWUCAMP: Start of the training process

The first training session

started with everyone and a warm up led by Shihan Andre Drevniak and Shihan David Pickthall.

After that the karatekas was separated by age and skills. Тhe youngest karatekas up to 10 years old have their own training field where instructors can unleash karate techniques with fun and games.

The group of contestants was also divided into three groups: men, juniors and girls and women. The men share their experience with distinguished Sensei and world champions: Sensei Zahari Damyanov and Sensei Stilyan Petrov. The young people are inspired by the experience of the Komanovi brothers and the women’s group of Senseis Daniela Dineva and Danaila Cherneva.

It is noted that each instructor tries to show interesting combinations and share even the smallest detail that can help future champions.

Shihan Drevniak leads the most elite group: black belts from 7 to 1 Dan – all known names, fighters, champions, instructors and now judges. A great people, who created champions and real karatekas in their countries.

Shihan Pickhall lead training session of group of fighters and show them very interesting and not usual trainin combination.

After this training was held first of 3 parts of Seminar with Andrey Antonov – Master of sport from International level, Coach and writer. His most famous book is “The basics of strength training”.

The day continue with more interesting activities from the program of KWUCAMP 2017.

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