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KWU celebrates 2 years! – Open letter of the General Secretary of KWU

Open letter of the General Secretary of Kyokushin World Union

Dear colleagues! Leaders of organisations, representatives of KWU, athletes, judges, coaches and all followers of Kyokushin!

Today we are celebrating two years from the day of creating KWU! These two years were more than fruitful. We have held a number of big events, came to understanding of each other and solved many principal issues. Already today we can say that we have came through a very long way, at the same time I believe that even more achievements are waiting for KWU in the future. 

I would like to remind everybody that KWU is not one of versions of Kyokushin, but a Union, which is open for everyone and is an excellent tool of entering of Kyokushin to the program of the Olympic Games and those who today join KWU behave wisely, since after some time passes, they will be rightfully declared the founders of rebirth and integration of Kyokushin as well as discoverers of the journey to the Olympic movement.

Two years of existing of KWU demonstrated that for achievement of our goals we have all the necessary resources and even more: well-organised international network of national representatives, athletes of the highest level, charismatic leaders, political influence and connections, funds, and a team of loyal managers, but the most important – the true spirit of Kyokushin which unites us and burns within us the flame giving the strength to move forward.

Also, I would like to thank everybody who found possibility to come to Sofia (Bulgaria) last weekend for the World Championship which became for us the next important benchmark and was held on a very high level! 

To conclude, we have a small surprise – I would like to share with the World a special bulletin which was prepared for the exhibition of KWU in frames of holding the World Combat Games of SportAccord in Saint Petersburg. In this bulletin there are main stages of development of KWU and also awesome pictures including those from the World Championship.

Thank you for your attention,


Sergey Suvorov

General Secretary

Kyokushin World Union



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