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19 – 22 July 2018 on the sports facilities of the Academy of Physical Education in Krakow

took place the 45th Eastern European Kyokushin Summer Camp with 302 participants from 7 countries.


The main instructors were the President of KWF shihan Antonio Pinero 9 dan and the National Representative of the United States shihan Leslaw Samitowski 7 dan from Chicago.

The plan of the camp was supervised by the secretary of the KWF, shihan Andrzej Drewniak 9 dan. The program included a morning warm-up and 3 two-hour trainings. Becouse this year’s camp was the 45th jubilee, during the first training – on Thursday the participants took part in the consumption of a cake prepared especially for this occasion.

On Friday evening, in the ”Justyna” hotel were hosted a meeting of the Polish Kyokushinkai Organization with 51 branch chiefs and shihan A. Pinero, shihan A. Drewniak and the President of the Polish Karate Federation sensei Maciej Soko?owski. Invited guests were the President of Polish YMCA Adam Goncerz and shihan W. Antoniak (Karate Shotokan).

The participants discussed the most important problems of Kyokushin, the Polish Karate Federation and the situation in the world karate after the entry of the WKF into the Olympics. On Saturday afternoon in front of the committee consisting of all shihan present at the camp, were held the technical examinations for the degrees dan and kyu. In the evening there was a Sayonara customary combined with a cabaret contest.

This year, competition among all groups was very hard and the first place were won by a group consisting of 4,5 and 6 subgroups led by shihan Janusz Piórkowski 5 dan.

On Sunday morning, there was over two-hours kumite exam for dan and kyu degrees which was followed by a photo session and handing of 48 masters’ certificates. All participants received commemorative calendars for 2019 and key rings.

The organizer of the annual East-European Kyokushin summer camp is the Polish Kyokushinkai Organization headed by shihan Andrzej Drewniak 9 dan.

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