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Important information for the participants of the KWU Kyokushin Youth European Championship 2017

Important information for the participants of the

KWU Kyokushin Youth European Championship 2017

Credentials Committee

The credentials committee will be held during two days – Thursday, March 16 (venue according to the schedule) and Friday, March 17 (venue – hotel “Agas”).

We remind you that on the credentials committee each participant must present the following documents:
– passport (birth certificate)
– medical certificate with a doctor’s seal (issued not earlier than on March 10, 2017) with a name in Latin or Cyrillic
– sports insurance, which is valid on the date of March 18, 2017
– Budo passport with a photo (on condition of passport presence it is possible to present a certificate for Kyu)
– permission for participation from both parents
– a set of individual equipment according to the applied file.

Attention! A fighter can compete for the declared country only if he has a passport (birth certificate) of that country!

The weight on the tournament is considered by the protocol, i.e. by the weight which will be fixed on the credentials committee.

Please read carefully the information above. In case of violation of these rules – the fighter will not be allowed to participate in the tournament.

On the credentials commission, each team is requested to go through it, in the following order:

  • Girls 8-9 years old
  • Boys 8-9 years old
  • Girls 10-11 years old
  • Boys 10-11 years old
  • Girls 12-13 years old
  • Boys 12-13 years old
  • Girls 14-15 years old
  • Boys 14-15 years old
  • Girls 16-17 years old
  • Boys 16-17 years old


All the declared teams will be met at the airports or at the train stations for taking them to the hotel. If you are not met at the exit from YOUR Gate (there is no flight, etc.) then go to the parking which is the nearest to the airport and search for the BUS or private transport with the poster of the championship on the windshield. In case of problems, call the organizers directly: +49 17641428859.

On the day of the tournament (March 18) you will be taken from the hotels at 09:00 and will be brought to the sports hall – please do not be late and do not make other teams wait for you.

Transfers to airports and train stations will be carried out as follows: exactly 3 hours before departure of your flight you are taken by a bus or private transport. And in case if you would leave from the railway or bus station you would also be taken away from the hotels exactly 2 hours before your departure.


For the planned excursions on Sunday (March 19) you should be ready at 10:00, waiting near the exit of your hotel.


On Sunday evening, everybody goes to the Sayonara Party by public transport. The organizers will give a detailed plan for getting to the place (including S-Bahn stop) to the trainers after their arrival. The program starts at 19:00. Back to the hotel you will be brought by bus.


We are waiting for you and your team at the KWU Kyokushin Youth European Championship 2017 in Berlin!


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European championship KWU for Children and Youth

Date: Saturday, 18.03.2017
Place: Barnim Gymnasium Ahrensfelder Chaussee 41, 13057 Berlin, Deutschland
Organizer: KWU Germany and Karate school „Dankezu” – Berlin
Principal Judge: Shihan Ramil Gabbasov (Russia), Sensei Alexey Demanov (Germany), Secretary – Sensei Prolet Vasileva (Bulgaria)
Guest of honour: Hanshi Steve Arneil, Shihans: Andre Drewniak, David Pickthal, Ivo Kamenov, Loek Hollander, Antonio Pinero, Secretary of KWU Sergey Suvorov

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