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IFK Switzerland 20th Budo Training Day

On Saturday, 13 May 2023, Shihan Edi Gabathuler, 7th Dan, organised the 20th Budo Training Day, which was held in the double gymnasium in Untervaz. The training schedule was as follows: 09.30 to 11.30 Kihon and examination combinations in groups, 12.30 to 14.30 Katas in groups and from 16.30 to 17.00 fighting training and fighting in three groups. These were divided into over and under 16 year olds, with the under 16 year olds again divided into two groups (white belt up to 7th Kyu and from 6th Kyu). The following karatekas were the instructors:

Shihan Anton Gansner, 6th Dan
Shihan Rolf Imhof, 5th Dan
Sensei Fritz Trautmann, 4th Dan
Sensei Louis Hartmann, 3rd Dan
Sensei Dominic Frey, 3rd Dan
Sensei Markus Graziano, 3rd Dan
Sensei Walter Kösters, 3rd Dan
Sensei Daniel Strauss, 3rd Dan
Sensei Mirco Furger, 3rd Dan
Senpai Claudia Schlegel-Köhle, 1st Dan

A total of 61 karatekas from six IFK Switzerland Kyokushinkai dojos – from Ilanz, Mörschwil, Oftringen, Wettingen, Wohlen and Chur – took part in the training sessions. We thank the instructors and the karatekas for their attendance and the great atmosphere as well as for their sweaty commitment. We hope to see you again in 2024 – OSU.

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