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IFK Kyokushin DEMO in Mordovia 2018

On the 3rd June 2018 in Zubova Polyana (Mordovia) there was held IFK Kyokushin DEMO with children low grades and adult black belts.

It was held within the limits of Memorial Festival named after spetsnaz hero Alexey Lashmanov (organizers Sensei Yury Pyrogov and Sempai Sergey Osnovin).

Children’s Demo included IFK Syllabus’ basics and katas with Bo (Kihon kata 1, Pinan 2). Seipai with Bo was performed by Sensei Sergey Makarov.

Adults’ Demo (Shihan Victor Fomin, Sensei Sergey Makarov, Sempai Sergey Osnovin) was dedicated to self-defense combat techniques with weapons (Knife, Stick, Combat shovel) and completed with Combat shovel kata.

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