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IFK Israel Seminar with Shihan Victor Fomin

On the 14th–18th December 2017 in Herzelia

there was held IFK Seminar perfectly organized by Shihan Itzik Ashkenazi (Israel CR).

IFK Israel Seminar with Shihan Victor Fomin

The Seminar was directed by Shihan Victor Fomin (Russia). It was realized as practical event within the activities of IFK Kata Committee presented by its two members – Shihans Itzik Ashkenazi and Victor Fomin. Seminar’s goal was further development of IFK Katas as Budo and Sport discipline.

Seminar’s program was concentrated on the following aspects of training:

1) Methods of quality performance of Kyokushin techniques and all Katas of the Syllabus, coordinated with main forms of breathing (especially Ibuki) and based on proper understanding of Katas’ self-defense applications (detailed Bunkai).

2) Methods of special training for Kata competitions including particular aspects of coaching Kata teams (gaining perfect synchronizing of fast and slow movements, harmonizing high level of fighting energy and spirit.

3) Clearing up main Kata judging criteria and “technology” of Kata judging, which should be mastered by IFK Kata judges and realized by coaches and students.

The Seminar’s program was realized in separate training sessions for big groups of youngsters and adults. Special “bonus” course of self-defense against knife attacks for adults was put in close correlation with self-defense on Kata foundation.

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