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IFK-Dan Seminar 2023 in Switzerland

On Saturday, January 7th, 2023, the annual Dan Seminar took place in the Dojo Wohlen. After many varied and exciting seminars, this year it was time to put the focus back on our roots – the basic techniques of the examination program. More than 40 Yudansha’s of IFK Switzerland accepted the invitation to spend a day intensively dealing with the basic pillars of Kyokushinkai Karate.

After a brief theoretical introduction, we quickly got down to business. In the morning, Shihan Anton Gansner, 6th Dan, discussed techniques and levels of the Kihon, explained functions, eliminated errors that had crept in over the years, and fine-tuned subtleties. After the lunch break, under the direction of Shihan Eddy Gabathuler, 7th Dan, attention was paid to the Ippon- and Sanbonkumites as well as some Renraku and their use in partner exercises. In the end, difficult and critical points were shown in the katas by Shihan Dolores Emmenegger and Shihan André Emmenegger, both 5th Dan, and the correct applications were conveyed.

It was a very instructive day and everyone present took away a lot of old and new knowledge with the hope that they would pass this on to their students in the dojo.

We would like to thank our highly motivated instructors for the valuable knowledge transfer and that we were able to carry out the Dan seminar in the dojo of the Wohlen Karate Club – OSU.

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