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IFK Aruba Training Camp 2023

This past weekend, Shihan Monaco led an inspiring four-day camp in Aruba at the Tokan IFK Dojo. The training included multiple sessions held in the dojo, on the beach for sunrise and sunset workouts, cliff exercises, ocean drills, Kihon practice, Kata demonstrations, Syllabus instruction, and Kumite sparring. Shihan Sean Schenker and Jerry Poe also assisted with this incredible camp along with Shihan Lacie of Aruba. The students of Aruba showed great enthusiasm throughout the program and hospitality towards their American guests from IFK USA.

The camp concluded on Sunday with an impressive grading ceremony, in which three students were promoted: Sensei Zairo Ruiz (3rd Dan), Senpai Greg Helder (1st Dan), and Derek Schenker (3rd Kyu). All participants put forth a great effort and should be proud of their accomplishments.

We are grateful for the warm hospitality and generosity of Sensei Zairo, Senpai Brian, and the Tokan students and families. Through their support, we were able to gain valuable knowledge from Shihan Monaco’s IFK Aruba camp training on Hanshi Arneil’s IFK methodology. We feel empowered by this experience! Osu!

KWU World Cup 2022 YouTube playlist│5.07.2022

SENSHI 15 YouTube playlist │ 18.02.2023

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