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Fighting against an opponent half your age

Short report and video from Australian Shihan

Fighting opponent half age

Competing against an opponent exactly half your age is a very rare occurrence in sport and especially in a full contact martial art. It did happen last weekend at the Kyokushin World Union World championship held in Yekaterinburg, Russia when 44 year old Shihan Daniel Trifu from Australia fought one of the favorites, 22 year old Eventas Guzauskas from Lithuania for a spot in the semifinal and a guaranteed bronze medal. In his previous match, Shihan Daniel Trifu defeated another favorite, the bronze medalists from last KWU World championship in Khabarovsk, Spanish fighter Christian Garcia. Watch the video to see the never give up approach by Daniel Trifu against a very skilled, young and dangerous “eastern block” fighter.

KWU World Cup 2023 YouTube playlist│4-5.07.2023

KWU SENSHI EURO 2021 YouTube playlist

SENSHI 17 YouTube playlist │ 08.07.2023

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