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British Open 2018 – the draw

The 42nd British Open Knockdown Championships

incorporating the 10th Cup of Europe will be held on October 6th, 2018 Crawley, London UK. You can watch LIVE broadcasting HERE

british open draw

Here is the draw:



MC1 OPEN Mens -70kg

MC2 OPEN Mens -80kg

MC3 OPEN Mens +80kg

WC1 OPEN Womens -60kg

WC2 OPEN Womens +60kg


NWC2 NOVICE Womens 60kg

NWC1 NOVICE Womens -60kg

NMC3 NOVICE Mens 80kg

NMC2 NOVICE Mens -80kg

NMC1 NOVICE Mens -70kg


CWC CADET U18 Girls – Combined

CMC3 CADET U18 Boys 78Kg – Group 2

CMC3 CADET U18 Boys 78Kg – Group 1

CMC2 CADET U18 Boys -78kg

CMC1 CADET U18 Boys -68kg

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