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Australian All Kyokushin championships 2016

Results of the 2016 NSW All Kyokushin championships

held yesterday 17th April 2916. This was a combined tournament between three organizations in Australia: Power karate (Shihan Jim Phillips), Shinkyokushin (WKO) and Kyokushin World Federation (KWF).

Here is full results:

Under 7
1 – Tenma Yoshida (Artarmon -WKO)
2 -Hugo Heart (Artarmon – WKO)
3 – Gus Jensen (Trifu Dojo – KWF)

1- Tarquin Jensen (Trifu Dojo – KWF)
2- Ryan Yu (West Ryde -WKO)
3- Kaito Kodama (Artarmon-WKO)

1st- Jack Heath (Trifu Dojo – KWF)
2nd – Takumi Aikawa (Artarmon -WKO)
3rd – Mitchel Cheu (Auburn -WKO)

Senior Novice
1st- Jade Haritos (Rosebery-Power Karate)
2nd- Richard Berndt (Woollongong-WKO )
3rd- Naresh Hirani (Trifu Dojo – KWF)

Senior Advanced
1stShaun Buchanan (Rosebery-Power Karate)
2nd-Lynne O’Brien (Trifu Dojo – KWF)
3rd-Marlon Gonlin (Trifu Dojo – KWF)

Under 6yrs
1st-Temma Yoshida (Artarmon -WKO)
2nd-Oliver Smales (Trifu Dojo – KWF)
3rd-Victor Illie (Trifu Dojo – KWF)

1st-Kaito Kodama (Artarmon -WKO)
2nd-Rikuu Yoshida (Artarmon -WKO)
3rd-Rintaro Hiyoshi (Artarmon -WKO)

1st- Jack Heath (Trifu Dojo – KWF)
2nd-Maxime Laurans-Wall (Trifu Dojo – KWF)
3rd- Leo Hart (Artarmon -WKO)

1st- Sienna Williams (Trifu Dojo – KWF)
2nd- Takumi Aikawa (Artarmon -WKO)
3rd- Maynard Dadgor (Artarmon -WKO)

1st- Cullen DiMattina (Trifu Dojo – KWF)
2nd- Keigo Gonlin (Trifu Dojo – KWF)

Under 6yrs
1st-Tenma Yoshida (Artarmon -WKO)
2nd- Hugo Kondo (Artarmon -WKO)
3rd- Isabel Wagner (Rosebery-Power Karate)

1st- Hugo Hart (Artarmon -WKO)
2nd- Aiden Vu (Liverpool – WKO)
3rd- Jake Francis (Rosebery-Power Karate)

1st- Zahra Laurans-Wall (Trifu Dojo – KWF)
2nd- Rikuu Yoshida (Artarmon -WKO)
3rd- Kaito Kodana (Artarmon -WKO)

1st- Selsybeal Abdelqader (Liverpool – WKO)
2nd- Michael Dubov (Liverpool – WKO)
3rd- Shuji Akawa (Artarmon -WKO)

10-11yrs Boys
1st- Leo Hart (Artarmon -WKO)
2nd- Maxim Laurans-Wall (Trifu Dojo – KWF)
3rd- Jack Heath (Trifu Dojo – KWF)

11-12yrs Girls
1st- Sienna Williams (Trifu Dojo – KWF)
2nd- Elanur Aslan (Rosebery-Power Karate)
3rd- Anastasija Maneva (Woollongong-WKO )

12-13yrs Boys
1st- Cullen DiMattina (Trifu Dojo – KWF)
2nd-Anthony Sinapi (Rosebery-Power Karate
3rd- Takumi Aikawa (Artarmon -WKO)

14-15yrs Boys
1st- Keigo Gonlin (Trifu Dojo – KWF)
2nd- Shinya Kusaka (West Ryde -WKO)
3rd- Joel Raman (Liverpool – WKO)

Male Light Weight
1st- Sean Buchanan (Rosebery-PowerKarate)
2nd-John Kirkness (Northern Beaches-WKO)
3rd- Toshi Para (Artarmon -WKO)

Male Middle Weight
1st- Mamoru Shiitsu (Artarmon -WKO)
2nd- Richard Berndt (Woollongong-WKO )
2nd- Peter Notaras (Rosebery-Power Karate)

Male Heavy Weight
1st- Yuuki Gonlin (Trifu Dojo – KWF)
2nd-Taner Gumustas(Rosebery-PowerKarate)
3rd- Kazuya Kusaka (West Ryde -WKO)

Female Light Weight
1st- Jade Haritos (Rosebery-Power Karate)
2nd- Jenna Olovic (Northern Beaches-WKO)

Female Open
1st- Amanda Madruga (Artarmon -WKO)
2nd- Maree Zaferis (Rosebery-Power Karate)

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