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Association of Kyokushinkai of Armenia was established

On September 8, a grand and historic event took place in Yeravan, Armenia!

Association Kyokushinkai Armenia

A meeting was with the representatives of the city administration of Yerevan City Hall, five federations of Kyokushinkai Karate and adviser to the Mayor of Yerevan, Mr. Gore Vardanyan, the director of the sports committee of Yerevan, Mr. Granta Yenokyan and the head of the sport department of the Yerevan municipality, Mr. Yuri Mamikonyan. 

During the meeting, it was announced that Associations of Kyokushinkai of Armenia – AKA was established! And The Kyokushinkai Federation of Yerevan was also established, public organization, whose President is the representative of Armenia Kyokushinkai – KWF Armenia, Sensei Spartak Gasparyan.

The main goals of the Association are development, popularization of Kyokushin in Armenia, identification of the strongest athletes of the country and promotion of Armenian Kyokushin in the international arena.

Spartak Gasparyan (Kyokushin KWF Armenia)
Andranik Torosyan (Kyokushin IKO Tezuka Armenia)
Edik Sargsyan (Kyokushin Rengokai Armenia)
Gevorg Gharibyan (SO-Kyokushin Armenia)
Sevak Serobyan (Kyokushin-kan Armenia)

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