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22nd Summer seminar of the KWF Portugal

From August 5th to 8th in the quiet parish of Ermelo, best known for the beautiful waterfall of Fisgas” the 22nd SUMMER SEMINAR was held.

This seminar, organized by the AKP – Kyokushinkai Portugal Federation, had the support of local entities, namely the parish council of Ermelo and the municipal council of Mondim de Basto. Holding the Summer Seminar in Ermelo was the fulfillment of an old desire of Shihan Antonio Pereira. Indeed, after the 1st European Championship in May 2000 in Vila do Conde, the 5th Summer Seminar was to be held right here in Ermelo. And if 21 years later we still had some difficulty in housing around 30 students, imagine then. The lack of logistics was the reason why we never came to Fisgas do Ermelo. Given the above and pandemic limitations, it was determined to limit attendance to 30 students. It is important to remember that all sanitary measures to prevent Sars Cov 2 required by the General Directorate of Health (DGS) were scrupulously respected.

The technical orientation of the seminar was the responsibility of Shihan António Fernando Pereira, KWF representative in Portugal, and the national instructors. During the seminar, the technical program was studied in the various variants, Ido, Kihon, kata, bunkai, and focus on kumite for competition. National exams were carried out. A dozen students, two candidates for shodan and one for Nidan, presented themselves for Kyu’s examination.

During this seminar, Shihan Antonio Pereira addressed various topics, explaining his knowledge and experience in budo karate. During the seminar, the technical program was studied in the various variants, Ido, Kihon, kata, bunkai, and focus on kumite for competition. At the pace of 4 daily pieces of training, morning and night, intense and frequent, they had a colorful, playful, and pleasant component so that everyone could absorb the volume of knowledge and demand.

Shihan Antonio Pereira wanted to leave for this 22nd Seminar a message that was very clear from the first to the last minute of the Seminar; the BUDO spirit, Kyokushin is budo and not a sport. Sempai António Marafona Pereira rewarded us with a wonderful session of Tibetan cups and gongs. Behavior towards others in all situations throughout the seminar. The food was also careful and appropriate.
And with all these ingredients everyone was convinced to come out much stronger after 11 workouts in 3 days.

Traditionally the last night ended with the Sayonara party where all seminar participants found new friends and had fun. It’s also time for Shihan Antonio Pereira to announce the results of the exams.

On Sunday morning, the last day of the seminar, we had the most fun and relaxed training. Walk at 5 am towards the famous waterfalls of Fisgas do Ermelo, 5 hours later we were back at the camp with the feeling of accomplishment and everyone feeling that they are part of the huge Kyokushin family.

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