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2024 IFK Aruba Spring Camp

IFK Aruba held their Annual Spring Camp May 23rd-26th. IFK Aruba Country Rep Sensei Zairo Ruiz (3rd Dan) and Senpai Brian Marchena (1st Dan) welcomed Shihan Sean Schenker (5th Dan) and Senpai Jonathan Gonzalez (2nd Dan) as this year’s special guest instructors. Both brought their unique experience to leading this year’s camp.

Shihan Schenker is the USA-IFK Chairman. As a child, he was introduced to kyokushin with a Kyokushin legend, Sensei Frank Clark. (Sensei Clark finished 6th in the first Kyokushin World Open and was featured in the documentary Fighting Black Kings.) He went on to train with Soshu Shigeru Oyama, Shihan Mike Monaco, and Hanshi Steve Arneil. Today, he brings over 40 years of experience to his teaching.

IFK Costa Rica Country Rep Senpai Jonathan Gonzalez is a well-known figure in kyokushin circles. An experienced knockdown competitor, he recently achieved his fourth consecutive victory in the United States International Kyokushin Championships! His presence afforded attendees the opportunity to learn from one of the top international fighters.

Participants representing all Kyu ranks were in attendance. There, they experienced the sweat and camaraderie that are hallmarks of Kyokushin training. They also experienced the memorable locations and sights of the beautiful island of Aruba. Participants received in-depth instruction in Kihon, Kata, and Kumite, the three pillars of IFK Kyokushin.

The Minister of Education and Sport of Aruba, Mr. Jan Hendrik (Endy) Croes, was on hand when the camp ended on May 26th. He was there to greet camp participants and award Shihan Schenker, Sensei Ruiz, and Senpai Marchena the prestigious 4D medal of Aruba.

Shihan Schenker wishes to express a special thanks to Shihan Monaco for his guidance in opening the doors of the IFK to all. As the USA-IFK Chairman, Shihan Schenker also wanted to say how much he appreciated the opportunity to share with such an incredible dojo in Aruba and that we continue to look forward to making more Kyokushin memories together in the future. OSU!


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