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KWUCHAMP city host Ekaterinburg celebrated the City Day

On August 19, 2017 citizens of Ekaterinburg celebrated the City Day

There were a lot of festival venues around the city, which everyone could visit

Ekaterinburg celebrated the City Day

In the heart of the city, there was a platform dedicated to the 3rd KWU Kyokushin World Championship, which will be held on December 9-10, 2017 in Ekaterinburg.

A large screen that broadcasted the best moments of the KWU Championships of the past years, was attracting the attention of citizens of all ages.

Visitors could not only to acquaint themselves with the details of the upcoming event, as well as to take a photo next to the author’s drawing of the Japanese artist Isamu Katsumata, and to receive the handouts of the Championship, but also they had a chance to get a special identity card of a superkarateka with a personal photo, which will allow them to get an exclusive souvenir at the World Championship in December.

Over 500 people enrolled in the rows of superkaratekas, and it’s not just young people, but also adults and even people of advanced age.

For volunteers, who are taking part in the organization of KWU World Championship, the City Day became the first social event in the official status. According to the words of Secretary General of KWU Sergey Suvorov, the team of volunteers coped with their tasks successfully.

Senator of the Sverdlovsk region, Arkady Chernetsky and City-manager of Ekaterinburg, Alexander Yakob have also visited this platform, where they discussed with Sergey Suvorov and Andrey Bura the forthcoming event.

From left to right: Secretary General of KWU Sergey Suvorov, City-manager of Ekaterinburg Alexander Yakob, Senator of the Sverdlovsk region Arkady Chernetsky and Shihan Andrey Bura

The main event at the World Championship platform became the show performances, which were held by the World Champion, Honored Master of Sports Marcel Mansurov and his students.

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KWUCHAMP 2017 promo video

Official website of the 3rd KWU World championship among men and women in weight


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