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Changes in the Russian National Team composition

The changes were made in the composition of the Russian National team!

changes russian national team composition

Svetlana Beryozova who has taken the first place in the weight category under 55 kg, will not be able to take part in the World Championship due to her health conditions, her place in the national team will be taken by Maria Savelyeva, who took the second place at the elimination competitions.

The composition of the Russian national team is as follows:


Weight category under 60 kg – Farid Kasumov
Weight category under 65 kg – Ivan Tumashev
Weight category under 70 kg – Sergey Chmunevich
Weight category under 75 kg – Victor Belyaev
Weight category under 80 kg – Stanislav Mezhevtsov
Weight category under 85 kg – Alexander Drozd
Weight category under 90 kg – Dmitry Solovyov
Weight category under 95 kg – Konstantin Fyodorov
Weight category above 95 kg – Vasiliy Samadurov

Weight category under 50 kg – Rimma Artyomova
Weight category under 55 kg – Mariya Savelyeva
Weight category under 60 kg – Alina Polishyuk
Weight category under 65 kg – Anzhelika Sabaeva
Weight category under 70 kg – Svetlana Tuchkova
Weight category above 70 kg – Maria Panova

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