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Kyokushin-kan Bulgaria: Qualifying fight the 3rd KWUCHAMP 2017

Mihail Parkov and Stiliyan Petkov have fought for the titular place

in the team of Bulgaria for the 3rd KWUCHAMP 2017

Mihail Parkov Stiliyan Petkov

The two fighters are national competitors and already have several prestigious competitions behind them.

Parkov and Petkov fought for a titular place in the category up to 65 kg. in men division. Because according to the rules of the KWU, only one representative from a country can participate in the 3rd KWU World championship among men and women in weight categories.

After 2 minutes fight the judges made decision: with 4-0 votes, winner is Stiliyan Petkov. But this is not lost for Mihail Parkov, because he will participate on other prestigious competition in Belarus later this year. We wish good luck to whole Bulgarian team in preparation! Osu!

Here is the video:



KWUCHAMP 2017 promo video

Official website of the 3rd KWU World championship among men and women in weight


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