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Master class of champions and top fighters on the KWUCAMP in Bulgaria

One of the most interesting training sessions on

KWUCAMP 2016 – The 10th Anniversary International Summer camp of the BKKF, which takes place in Bulgaria,

was a master class of top fighters and European and World champions.

High-level fighters among men and women attend in KWUCAMP and it was decided to divide the groups by gender. At first it seemed that it was a mistake of the

organizers, but during the training it became suitable for all.

Champions from Lithuania, Bulgaria, Russia, Poland, Belarus and other countries shared their experience and knowledge.

Conducted master of training was Shihan Ramil Gabbassov – an experienced fighter  in Kyokushin, and in life. At the end of the session, there was request of participants in training and Shihan showed his skills – a technique that could help in any situation.

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