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KWUCAMP: Judges’ seminars

Seminars for KWU judges – one of the most important areas at the 10th International Summer Camp in Bulgaria.


The system approach and uncompromising removing to all incompetent and biased judges, over time, the judges should be such people while remaining unnoticeable on the mat, earned respect of both – athletes and spectators. Standing guard of rules and the health of karatekas. The path is not easy.

JudgesShihan Ramil Gabbassov, head of the judging committee in KWU, at the training camp in Kamchia, almost on a daily basis conducts training seminars with the judges. The culmination to check the level of the judges was the International tournament for juniors and young men in kumite and kata among girls.

Many candidates for judges do not realize that just memorize rules and visiting all the seminars is not enough to become a good judge. To judge the fighters, you must be a fighter, if not, then at least to think and react like a fighter.


The organizers of the camp have not confirmed that in the future at the Summer Camp will be held the same tournaments, and if they are, then certainly without prior announcement. 

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