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KWU SENSHI Brazil Black Belt Examination: A Challenge of Resilience and Determination

On March 3rd, the SENSHI Gym Francisco Filho in Bragança Paulista, São Paulo, hosted a significant event for the martial arts world: the second black belt examination of KWU SENSHI Brazil. This examination is an important milestone for karate practitioners, being a demonstration of skill, discipline, and dedication.

The event saw the participation of three candidates, who were assessed by a panel of highly qualified and respected examiners in the martial arts community. The examiners were Shihan Francisco Filho, renowned for his expertise and contribution to karate; Shihan Tsutomu Morimoto, known for his refined technique and profound teachings; and Shihan Glaube Feitosa, an inspiring figure who has dedicated his life to the perfection of the art.

The candidates underwent a rigorous series of tests that evaluated not only their physical abilities but also their spirit and understanding of martial traditions. In the end, one candidate was not approved, failing to meet the high demands of the panel. The other two candidates were put on observation, a decision that reflects the challenging nature and high expectations of the examination.

These candidates on observation do not see the result as a failure but as an opportunity for growth and learning. They will have, within three months, a new chance to demonstrate their capability and dedication by retaking the parts of the examination where they did not achieve the necessary grade for approval. This period of waiting and preparation will be crucial for their personal and martial development.

The KWU SENSHI Brazil black belt examination is more than a test of technical skill; it is a journey of self-discovery and overcoming. Participants, whether approved or not, leave this experience with valuable lessons that will transcend the dojo and influence their lives in meaningful ways.

The SENSHI Gym Francisco Filho and the involved Shihans remain committed to providing a path of excellence and rigor for those seeking to achieve the prestigious level of black belt. This examination serves as a reminder of the dedication needed to excel in the martial arts world and the importance of persevering in the face of challenges.

As the candidates on observation prepare for their next challenge, the martial arts community eagerly anticipates the future leaders who will emerge from this rigorous testing process. The journey to the black belt is long and hard, but it is filled with growth, learning, and ultimately, great achievement.


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