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What is the warrior’s attitude?

Guest Author: Gaëtan Sauvé

Have you ever felt that it is sometimes difficult in life to wake up and face the daily obligations you have? Do you sometimes feel unable to get out of bed and face the day?

Do you sometimes find it hard to get the energy to do what you need to do? Do some things in life seem too difficult?

Of course, I understand. Like most of us, you are very busy. You have a lot of work to do. Maybe you have debts. Maybe you are tired after shopping and have a stomach ache and a headache.

Now think of a real warrior.

Think of someone who sleeps little, not knowing if they will die during the night. Then they wake up, without time for a quick shower or a good breakfast, and jump into the fray. They neglect their wounds, contribute to the death and see their friends and brothers shot and killed in front of them.

There are others whose challenges are far worse than ours. There are people who face crippling illnesses and still manage to find a way to enjoy life and care for others. And many of them do so with dignity, grace, and bravery, which is a good example for us all.

The warrior does not equal a fighter.

The warrior mindset is distinct from fighting. In fact, thugs who like to fight in a bar and think they are tough because their idea of a warrior is someone who likes to fight are light years away from being true warriors. They are still just thugs. Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, would say they are just Ostrogoths.

Anyone who has experienced real combat will want to avoid wasting health and energy looking for trouble. The warrior’s mindset is different. It’s about knowing what you want and going after it. It’s about being tough in the face of adversity and not letting the little things get you down.

Being a warrior is about advancing what you know is right, taking responsibility and hardship on your shoulders with dignity. Doing the right thing can create a sense of responsibility and pride.

It can be difficult to avoid emotions and make intelligent decisions in the face of conflict. Warriors need to remember that they cannot take the easy way out by giving in, but do everything they can to get what they want in their cognitive and somatic minds.

What is the mindset of the warrior?

What is the reason for choosing this strong personal style? What is the theory behind this notion of a warrior? Where does this idea of a warrior hero come from, behind this phrase and these procedures? What is the motivation behind this strategy?

This notion of the warrior comes from the stories of our greatest men and women who fought real wars while maintaining cool heads and displaying extreme bravery, sacrificing for the good of others, and performing unusual tasks. Our brave warriors lived a life of full consciousness despite the situations they faced because they sacrificed themselves to help others.

Not all aspiring warriors act as such.

It is important to note that not all warriors conform to this model. For every heroic individual who stepped into the line of fire, there would have been hundreds more soldiers who complained, who were there for the wrong reasons, or who would not have sacrificed themselves in the place of others. For every brave person who risked themselves for the greater cause, there could be hundreds who complained that they didn’t have to be there, that they were wrong and deserted.

The fact is that some people are able to remain calm and relaxed, even in the most trying of circumstances. There are people who find a kind of rest and relaxation even in the worst situations. They always move forward and do not let the worst of the unpleasantness stop them from pursuing their missions.

And in the face of so many people, the urge to rationalize our complaints leads to a feeling of embarrassment and will make our complaints seem unimpressive compared to the way they live their lives.

What if you lived like a warrior?

Imagine if you could adopt this mindset in everyday life and apply it to your daily activities. Instead of getting tired and bogged down or distracted, you would rather remain decisive and impenetrable in the face of obstacles. Think about how you could apply this way of thinking to your life.

To be able to keep moving forward, with an unstoppable, unassailable drive.

Your enemies will tremble at the thought that they can do nothing to stop you, and obstacles to your career goals, personal relationships, and finances will be unable to withstand your formidable power.

Your opponents will lose hope once they realize they can do nothing to stop you, and obstacles to your personal growth, romantic relationships, and financial goals will be unable to withstand your tenacious strength of yours. Your enemies will be unable to resist your immense strength.

If you adopt an iron will and a warrior mindset into your lifestyle, you can achieve extreme discipline, vigor, and pride. By applying this warrior mentality to your daily life, you will achieve a high degree of success, determination, strength of character, and steadfastness in the face of danger, physical or mental suffering.

Decide to adopt this warrior mentality in the situations you want to change.

This warrior mentality is able to push us towards what we want and keep us on the right path. Cutting down our vices and improving ourselves as individuals makes us strong individuals with good relationships.

Self-confidence, self-discipline, and determination help to make us strong individuals, and these qualities in turn enable us to achieve the success and happiness we desire.

Self-control, willpower, and personal productivity are sometimes the factors that make us powerful and increase our chances of getting what we want.

These warrior traits help us to live with ourselves, earn the respect of others, and uphold our principles and morals. These values make us good parents, incredible friends, and ideal partners.

Imagine if your mind could be strong enough to sit under a freezing shower for a long period of time. Imagine if you had the mental stamina to withstand potentially life-threatening scenarios.

Take these qualities and tackle the challenges you face today. Take these traits and confront them with some of the absolutely insignificant challenges that most of us face today.

Thinking like a warrior prepares you for the daily tasks of modern life, like pumping up your muscles after doing 50 quick fist pumps. Developing this warrior mindset is like a workout for the health of your mind, your beliefs, and your soul.

WARNING! I would like to emphasize an important fact, which I will explain in more detail in another article on this topic. We all know that romanticizing war is a truly terrible idea – it is a horrible situation and few people consider themselves a hero in the face of enemy fire. Although I am talking about the warrior in an armed conflict situation in this article, it is important to distinguish between the archetypal warrior and a soldier in the army. A soldier can be in the army and not necessarily in touch with his inner warrior and vice versa. A person can be the greatest peace activist and still succeed through the externalization of his inner warrior. Mahatma Gandhi was a great warrior. Here is one of his quotes that goes in the same direction as this article:

“It is not the critic who is important, nor the one who points out how the strong man stumbles or how the man of action could have done better.
The tribute is due to the man or woman who fights in the arena, whose face is covered in dust and sweat, who goes forward valiantly, who makes mistakes and will make them again, because there is no human effort without mistakes and imperfections. It is to him or her that the tribute belongs, to the one whose enthusiasm and devotion are great, to the one who is consumed by an important cause, to the one who, at best, will know the triumph of success, and at worst, if he or she fails, will know that he or she has failed when he or she was risking courageously.
That is why the place of this man or woman will never be with those lukewarm and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.
-Mahatma K. Gandhi

Gaëtan Sauvé

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