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9 Reasons Why Martial Artists Are The Most Awesome People

The longer you practice martial arts, the more changes you see in yourself: mental, physical, spiritual, emotional changes — and before you realize it, you’ve become a completely different person.

You are now ready to take on any challenge life throws at you. This is what makes martial arts and those who practice it so awesome: it can fulfill your life in ways you never dreamed possible.

1) They are always working on improving themselves.

Each training day brings new challenges for martial artists. Whether it’s learning a new technique or perfecting one, martial artists know that there is always room for improvement. Not only does this bring them closer to their goals, but it transfers into their daily lives as well. They just want to keep on getting better, at least 1% a day!

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2) They are happy.

There’s no doubt that martial arts is a great stress reliever. Where else can you kick pads, spar or hang out with equally awesome people all day long? It’s easy to do when you love what you do – it’s always endorphin city, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

3) They are loyal.

The more time you spend with the same people, the more tightly knit you become. Martial artists feel this way about their teammates, the people who they constantly train with throughout the week. They become part of a big family, where being related by blood becomes irrelevant. They are always there for each other, no matter what, because that’s what families do.

4) They are ready to learn new things.

Martial artists are pretty much up for anything – why wouldn’t they be? They’ve signed up for practically a lifetime of learning. They know that there are always new techniques to learn, new methods to follow, new challenges to face – its all part of continuous self-improvement. This only brings them closer to their goals; not only in martial arts but in their daily lives as well.

5) They are willing to take risks.

Martial artists know that they can’t get anywhere playing it safe. They know that sometimes they have to take risks. Whether it be in sparring or in their everyday lives, they need to take that plunge that could possibly lead to greatness. They know what happens if they refuse to take risks — nothing!

6) They are passionate.

Martial artists always put 150% of themselves into anything and everything that they do. Whether it’s drilling to perfect a technique, preparing for competition or even trying to meet deadlines at work, a martial artist will stop at nothing to pursue his or her goals. And that’s what makes them awesome!

7) They are courageous.

Let’s face it, not everyone has the power to defend themselves in compromising situations or know that they can face their opponent in a match in front of thousands of screaming fans. This is the power of martial arts, it brings you courage beyond belief. Through training martial arts, martial artists have developed the confidence to take control of their lives, way beyond the mats, the ring or even the cage.

8) They never lose their cool.

Martial artists know the value of mental strength. It is what pushes them to go beyond their limits. Whether its during those last few seconds of punching mitts when you can barely breathe or when you’ve been tapped out over and over again and still willing to spar after takes quite a bit of mental strength. As you can see, there’s no doubt that mental strength will help you get through the toughest times in your life!

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9) They are dedicated.

Martial artists definitely aren’t slackers. They know that if they procrastinate in training someone’s eventually going to get ahead of them, bringing them further away from accomplishing their goals. Instead, they put in the extra hours for drilling and do the necessary strength and conditioning for peak performance. They know that discipline what is needed takes them to the next level!

It’s not hard to see that martial arts is truly the best platform to unleash the greatness within us all. Let’s continue being awesome and improve our lives, just a little bit everyday!

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