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This is a Karate Kyokushin epic motivational video. Watch and enjoy it!


KWU World Cup Varna, U21 Final -60 Yelaman Mukashev (Kazakhstan) – Askhat Galeev (Kazakhstan, aka)


The best ankle strengthening exercises help to improve the ankle’s ability to tolerate the three main demands placed on them during athletic activity. These...


The release of This is Karate can be credited as a major factor in the global spread of Kyokushin Karate. Its Japanese counterpart, Secret...


Kyokushin Kumite is a type of full-contact karate that emphasizes physical and mental strength. It consists of sparring matches where two opponents face off...


Kyokushin karate is a style of martial arts that emphasizes physical and mental toughness, self-discipline, and a never-give-up attitude. If you’re looking for a...