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Sosai Masutatsu Oyama (video)

Fierce power, incredible speed, and the endurance of a bison – when it came to physical strength, Masutatsu Oyama had it all. Mas Oyama lived from 1923 to 1994. He was the founder of Kyokushin karate, karate known for its emphasis on physical conditioning and full-contact sparring.

Nicknamed “The Godhand” for his incredible striking power, Mas Oyama is the only man known to have completed a 300-man kumite, or spar, in three days. With his attacks, even if you blocked them, you’d suffer an injury. He himself was injured during the three-day kumite, but continued to fight nevertheless and was apparently prepared to fight the fourth day, but no one wished to answer his challenge.

Mas Oyama was a true modern warrior, but he didn’t begin as one. Mas Oyama learned his discipline and earned his strength by walking an arduous path in life, and ultimately became the legend he is because of it.

RIP Sosai

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