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Semmy Schilt: It’s an honour being a SENSHI referee

We’re just days away from the 10th edition of SENSHI fight night. The highly anticipated event will be taking place this Saturday night in Varna, Bulgaria.

SENSHI 10 will produce a total of 10 flights that will be conducted under the KWU SENSHI and the KWU Full-Contact rules. As usual, the bouts will be refereed by three of the biggest kickboxing legends – Semmy Schilt, Ernesto Hoost, and Peter Aerts.

The trio is a regular when it comes to SENSHI, as they will also be leading a KWU International Professional League seminar that will be taking place from Friday to Saturday. The seminar will be taking place in Varna, with one of the best Bulgarian and foreign fighters being a part of it.

“Hightower” will once again be a special guest referee with his fellow countrymen. Recently, Schilt gave an interview for where he talks about what is like being the third man inside the ring and what’s so special in the SENSHI fight nights.

Watch the interview HERE

A little part of the video:

“Sometimes I get lost in it [in the fight], you know. I’ve been fighting my whole life, and now I’m the third person in the ring. But this is normal. As a former fighter, I know some things… I know when somebody kicks his opponent in the crotch, it’s not always an accident.”

“SENSHI’s promotion is a pure one. It’s from the karate background and that’s one of the reasons I like it so much. The SENSHI rules are a little bit more different than the kickboxing rules and things can get really rough out there. I love it”, Schilt added.

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SENSHI 10 fight nigh is organized with the KWU International Professional League, Armeec Insurance Group, Max Sport, Bulgaria Air, M-Car Group cooperation.

The media partners of the event are Boec.BG and Boec.COM, Bulgarian national TV Bulgaria ON AIR, US online platform for combat sports FITE,,,, Russian Union Of Martial Arts, KyokushinКarate.News and Fighto.News.


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