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KWF International Summer Camp Benasque, Spain

The Spanish KWF summer camp was held from 25 to 28 of July in Benasque (Spain)

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The camp was directed by Shihan Antonio Piñero 9. dan, President of KWF and 160 students of Norway, Holland, Chile, and Spain took part. The camp covered the main aspects of Kyokushin as kihon, kata, fighting, and self-defense.

The grading to black belts was held with about 45 candidates, who showed good skills and ability.



18 – 21 July 2019 at the facilities of the Academy of Physical Education in Krakow

took place 46. KWF Eastern European Summer Camp Kyokushin with 290 participants from 8 countries including Russia, Turkey, Germany, Israel, Serbia, the Czech Republic, and Ukraine.


The main trainers were the President of KWF Antonio Pinero 9 dan and the National Representative of the United States, Lesław Samitowski, 7 dan from Chicago. The program was supervised by the Secretary of the KWF Andrzej Drewniak. The program of the day included a morning warm-up and 3 two-hour training sessions. Continue reading “​​KWF EASTERN EUROPEAN KYOKUSHIN SUMMER CAMP AWF KRAKÓW”

6th KWF East-European summer camp

Dear Country Representatives,

18-21 July 2019 at the AWF facilities in Krakow Al. Jana Pawla II 82, there will be held the 46. KWF East-European summer camp with around 250 participants from nearly 10 countries.


The main trainers will be the President of KWF, Shihan Antonio Pinero 9 dan, and the Country Representative of the United States Shihan Leslaw Samitowski 7 dan. Continue reading “6th KWF East-European summer camp”