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KWF news: 12th Arab Kyokushin Championship

The 12th Arab Kyokushin Championship in Medina, Saudi Arabia, held from December 20 to 25, was a significant event in the world of Kyokushin karate. The presence of Shihan Antonio Piñero and Shihan Paul Lorist added prestige to the championship, emphasizing its international significance.

With participants from 10 countries engaging in both kata and Kumite disciplines, the competition was intense, showcasing the high level of skill and dedication among the karateka. The referee course, with 30 participants from all represented nations, contributed to the development and standardization of officiating in Kyokushin events.

The country standings reflected the competitive spirit of the championship, with Iraq claiming the top spot, followed by Saudi Arabia and Tunisia in second and third places, respectively. This outcome speaks to the strength and talent of the participating nations in the Arab Kyokushin community.

A notable aspect of the event was the fruitful meeting with country representatives, where discussions focused on collaboration, growth, and the planning of the upcoming  5th KWF World Championship scheduled for 2025 in Riyadh. Such meetings are crucial for fostering unity and coordination within the Kyokushin community on a global scale.

The organizers expressed their gratitude to the Saudi Kyokushin organization for hosting the championship and for their hospitality. Hosting such an event requires substantial effort and dedication, and the Saudi organizers played a crucial role in making the championship a success.

The mention of looking forward to the next encounter suggests a positive outlook for the future of Kyokushin events, emphasizing the continuous growth and development of martial arts. Overall, the 12th Arab Kyokushin Championship in Medina appears to have been a memorable and successful gathering of karate enthusiasts, setting the stage for future engagements and collaborations within the Kyokushin community.

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