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Kyokushin-Kan USA explodes with the addition of 12 new dojos!

Kyokushin-Kan USA would like to welcome new Branch Chiefs

Kyokushin-Kan USA explodes 12 new dojos

Shihan Mike Speagle (North Carolina), Shihan Eric Mercado (Pennsylvania), Sensei William Brown (North Carolina), Sensei Keith Hill (Seattle) and their respective dojos to the KAN family. Continue reading “Kyokushin-Kan USA explodes with the addition of 12 new dojos!”

Santa Monica Sensei – Tom Callahan

An Interview with Sensei Tom Callahan, 4th Dan, Head of the L.A. Branch of Kyokushin-Kan Karate

Tom Callahan has been successful in his life by just about any measure. With the release of this short film about him and his dojo, World Budo Arts. Continue reading “Santa Monica Sensei – Tom Callahan”