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Daniel Redondo – karate and life before KWUCHAMP 2017

Things we want to know about Daniel Redondo and his honest answers:

Daniel, why did not you participate in the first two KWU Championships? You have been participating in the competitions on a high level for a long time, haven’t you?

I could not participate in the first events of KWU, since I belong to the Rengokai organisation, in which I did not have a place in my weight. Continue reading “Daniel Redondo – karate and life before KWUCHAMP 2017”

Creation of the KWU Germany

Creation of the KWU Germany national organization on 08.10.2016, Naunhof

This year in July during the international instructional-camp in Bulgaria, Shihan Ramil Gabbassov, who is the supervisor of the international union of KWU, has announced the decision about the necessity of creation national organizations KWU in each country.
During the championship of Germany of organization IFK, with participation of representatives of other national organizations of contact karate, took place an official meeting connected with foundation of the KWU organization, which is new for Germany. Continue reading “Creation of the KWU Germany”

25 countries will participate on the 1st KWUEURO 2016

The 1st KWU European Championship

for men and women in weight categories will be held in  June 11th – 12th,  2016 in the capital of Serbia, Belgrade.

The Supreme Judge of this tournament will be Ramil Gabbasov (Russia).We have 176 fighters from 25 countries:
Continue reading “25 countries will participate on the 1st KWUEURO 2016”

Kyokushin training in Valencia, Spain

On January 23th was held kyokushin training session

in Benetusser, Valencia – Spain.

The event was organized by Club Sensei J.A. Garcia Kyokushinkai, member of KWF Spain (Shihan Antonio Piñero).

98 members of different federation trained together – Kyokushin World Fedaration (KWF), Kyokushin World Unión – KWU, Shinkyokushin Jesus Talán (WKO), IFK Spain and Kyokushin World Rengokai  – karatekas from all over the Spain.

“Was an excellent lesson to share trainings, feelings and meet new friends of all over of Spain.” share with us J.A. Garcia