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The History of Kyokushin – part 2

The History of Kyokushin,

3 tribute episodes dedicated to the art of Kyokushin Karate, by Art of One Dojo.

Part 1 – In this episode we explore Mas Oyama’s background, training, and how he formed the art of Kyokushin. We also talk about the emblems of the art, a brief look at the training, and well as the spirit of “OSU”.

Part 2 – We will explore the curriculum, dojo etiquette, and ranking system of Kyokushin.


This style of karate in particular, is recognized in the world by the emphasis it makes on combat,

it is more, it has become famous for the kumite against 100 opponents, a test in which the legends of this martial art fight 100 rounds of a minute and a half or two minutes, in order to show his temperance and fighting spirit.

The same Masutatsu Oyama completed this test in 1950 for three consecutive days being the only person to pass the test with 300 kumites. Continue reading “HYAKUNIN KUMITE (video)”

Kancho Royama: How I was praised by Sosai Oyama

When I was 19 years old, I was an instructor at Ikebukuro Sohonbu.

One day, I got too much into a practicing, and threw my student away. And the mirror was broken.

The next day, Sosai Oyama called me and told me that “You don’t get this month salary.” At that time, it was middle of February and had recordable snowing Tokyo area. Even Sosai Oyama told me so, I was optimistic. Continue reading “Kancho Royama: How I was praised by Sosai Oyama”