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11 Mottoes of Sosai Mas Oyama

Masutatsu (Mas) Oyama was born Yong I-Choi on the 27th of July, 1923, in a village not far from Gunsan in Southern Korea. 

In 1938, at the age of 15, Mas Oyama traveled to Japan to train as an aviator, to be like his hero of the time, Korea’s first fighter pilot. 

In 1953, Mas Oyama opened his first “Dojo” – a grass lot in Mejiro in Tokyo… The rest is history. 

May Oyama was the ultimate example of what can be accomplished when the mind, body, and spirit act as one. It is through his example that we train and strive to understand ‘the ultimate truth’.

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4 Training Tips From the Godhand – Mas Oyama

Fierce power, incredible speed, and the endurance of a bison – when it came to physical strength, Sosai Masutatsu Oyama had it all.

Nicknamed “The Godhand” for his incredible striking power, Mas Oyama is the only man known to have completed a 300-man Kumite, or spar, in three days. With his attacks, even if you blocked them, you’d suffer an injury. He himself was injured during the three-day Kumite, but continued to fight nevertheless and was apparently prepared to fight a fourth day, but no one wished to answer his challenge.


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Back to the roots: KWU International Professional League

In 2019 SENSHI fight nights showcased a completely “new” KWU International Professional League rules with punches to the head, knees, elbows and throws allowed, but actually the legend Masutatsu “Mas” Oyama is the first martial artist who practiced full-contact karate. He has had strong beliefs that the best technique is the one that works the best for you and devastates your opponent. After many years of hard work, dedication and isolation in the mountains Sosai has decided that he has to test the effectiveness of his skills. In Oyama`s school, the “Kumite” has been the aspect that was worked the most on.

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By kyokushineveryday.com

Since 25 years that Sosai Oyama death,

he let behind him his creation, a martial art practice by million people everyday in world, in dojos around the world.


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